Windowsill herbs…and other shortcuts to happiness


There is no meal on earth that can’t be livened up with the sprinkling of a few herbs, and rather than go out and spend a small fortune on maintaining my stockpile I decided to have a go at growing my own. I received a ready-to-go kit courtesy of a visit to the local garden centre with my mother and brother. It’s taken just a few days for green shoots to appear at the top of these ceramic pots and I couldn’t be happier. Continue reading

Alone time…and why I need it


Despite the fact that a lifetime of spinsterhood sits pretty high up on my list of potential nightmare scenarios, I have to admit that at least a small part of this set up is evident in my life today. And no that’s not the part that involves amassing cats at a hare’s pace! Instead it’s that innate need for alone time that always seems to strike after I’ve spent a few hours in lively conversation with my nearest and dearest. Continue reading

When life gets in the way…in a good way!


Wow I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written a post! I promised myself faithfully that I would write a thought-provoking post once every two days, but you know what they say about the best laid plans…My new role has taken up a lot of my time – hence the title of this post –  but rather than being something to grumble about, it’s been cause for celebration. One of life’s unexpected twists in the road, that doesn’t end with me dangling off the edge of a proverbial cliff! Continue reading

When you live the truth, you’ll never want to go back to a lie


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. And that’s because I’ve finally managed to secure my dream job! At first none of it seemed real – you know that out-of-body feeling when you get something you really want? – but with the first week under my belt I have to say that there is a sense of peace that comes from living a life that is truly yours. No more settling, no more people pleasing and certainly no more imposing limitations on what I can achieve. Continue reading

I am the self that only I can know


Late Sunday afternoon. If I could pinpoint an exact time when self-doubt creeps in then this would probably be it. So it’s fortunate for me that I had an Inner Space talk on Building Inner Security and Confidence pencilled into the diary that neatly took me across either side of the Sunday slump (4.30pm to 6pm). Continue reading

Why all the best people started out as copywriters


I’m just a few pages away from finishing Light is the New Black, and have discovered that like me, my meditation teacher, and many others the author has also worn the copywriter hat during the early stages of her creative career. While I don’t mean to irk those of you who are genuinely thriving in your role as a copywriter, it’s a truth pretty much universally acknowledged – to half-borrow a line from Pride and Prejudice – that for many churning out page after page SEO friendly copy can feel like living in a perpetual writer’s purgatory. But the good news is that while the gates of Heaven may be temporarily obscured by a tedious article on annuities or similar, it seems that with enough patience – and more than a dash of perseverance – the clouds will inevitably part and the warming rays of a truly fulfilling writing career will restore our spirits once more. Continue reading

I’m back…and yes Copenhagen treated me well!


I’ve had a few days hiatus from my posting schedule, but I hope a few days R & R in Copenhagen is a sufficient enough explanation for my absence! It was sooo nice getting away, not least because my weekend away included an impromptu Jamie Cullum gig for the bargain price of £12.50! Does life get better than that? Continue reading